Dignity Therapy applied to the Elderly 

Biographies or Life Books.

If your life, and the life of your ancestors, deserves to be remembered, then it has to be written and perpetuated in time.

Dignity Therapy for the Elderly aims to write a life story told by themselves. Includes 13 sessions (at least) in the case of a Life Book or a Biography. 

In the case of a Legacy, it includes 3 sessions. 

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If there is a story that deserves to be told and remembered for your loved ones, it is yours. 

Perhaps, your family history.

Try to imagine your life-being turned into a Biografy or Life Book.

More love to give. More to remember. 

The knowledge of your self that you try to explore and manage, and the presence of your memories, has a unique effect.  That effect is called dignity. 

The application of Dignity Therapy in the Elderly manages to increase the sense of joy and virtue for the life lived, allowing the Biography or Life Book to remain in the power of those who can perpetuate the past: family and friends. 

Your Biography / Life Book

Living words.

As a Dignity Therapist, I am proud to have written several Biographies and Life Books that are now owned by families whose lives will be perpetuaded over time. 

Photos, letters, notes of tenderness and love, wonderful memories like messages and family artefacts, are reserved in those documents. 

They mean a nobility and sublimity of the dignity of its leading characters. 

Much more than a memories book

Dignity, words spoken forever.

Dignity Therapy allows you to explore - through its scientific attributes - your personal achievements, your inner Self, your journey through life and the pursuit of your existential purposes.

With the Elderly, I transform the life of a person (or a Couple /Family) into a Biography or a Life Book.

Dignity is the support of each life, but each life story has a future to reveal.