Legacy Lives. 


Life Books.

Dignity Therapy is a Brief Intervention Psychotherapy developed since the 90's in Canada.

As it's interest for the scientific community grew, its application in many fields in the Health sector has revealed surprising and innovative results.

Dignity Therapy reveals the importance for a sick or elderly person, or for those who want to start becoming aware of their life purpose.

The purpose of life guides the past and advocates the present. 

I am Fernanda Barata,  Dignity Therapy Certified by University of Manitoba & Cancer Care, in Canada.

I apply Dignity Therapy to people who wish to write their Legacies and Biographies or Life Books.

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We will a peacefull dialogue about the circunstances that have dignified your life and how we can preserve them in the future to come.


Final Stories. 

Life Clousures.

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